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Rome-the Eternal City...but not only!


Get to know Rome!

Meet with the Eternal City on your own terms!

Go living in a private vacation rental - apartment in the centre of town, having holidays all your own way – we offer the appropriate accommodations - flats and apartments at the most beautiful places of Rome,  Vatican City, Trastevere, Via del Corso, Spanish Steps.....





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Rome, the “Eternal City” is not merely a catchphrase. Whoever has spent some time in this extraordinary city, ancient and seemingly forever, will remember her singular fascination for a very long time. Nobody forgets Rome – with or without having dropped their coins into the famous Trevi Fountain.

But Rome is not only the ancient town, the antiquities, museums, churches, buildings, ruins: the delight of artists and lovers of art for generations.

Foremost Rome is a grand metropolis which thrills the heart of everybody looking just for a good time. She is a modern city of millions and millionaires with splendid boulevards and piazzas to stroll about, with luxury stores and small boutiques to do all your shopping mostly at reasonable prices, always offering the latest fashions. There are bars and cafés, dances and discos, music and ballet, events and exhibitions, pizzerias and rosticcerias, restaurants and diners – all and everything you could wish for or imagine and even more.

However, the most lasting impression, the most vivid appeal for every visitor is the unique atmosphere of Rome. And how better could you share the “vita romana”, the Roman lifestyle but in a private apartment as part of the Roman way of life?

The big hotels may offer international standards but screen you effectively from Rome’s  daily life and her people.

With us you will be lodging in a Roman ambience, living like the Romans. We can help you to find your best places for shopping and dining; we know all about current events, the most interesting places and points, and all of the “most have seens”.

Here we are presenting to you some apartments situated in the centre of Rome. During your stay we should be pleased to be of assistance to you in every respect: helping to make your vacation truly unforgettable in the best sense of the word.

For more details please look also at “about us” and “useful hints”.


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Felicitas Maisel    via G. Caselli,39   I-00149 Roma (RM)

e-mail: felicitas_freya@hotmail.com

tel.: 0039-328-3521388  0039-06-5593542

Special Offers

Last-minute and special offers

Terrazza ai Fori

08.05.-14.05.: 590.- for 6 days

10.06.-12.06.: 150.- for 2 days

29.08.-03.09.: 450.- for 5 days



18.04.-03.05.: 690.-/week for 4 people




25.04.-28.04.: 300.- for 3 days for up to 4 people

08.05.-15.05.: 650.- for 7 days for up to 4 people



21.04.-28.04.: 600.-/week for 4 people

10.05.-16.05.: 600.- for 4 people


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